Friday, October 15, 2010

Sweet story

Today total office was filled with festival mood. As instructed yesterday to come early as to make decorations and other things, due to traffic jam i reached office late. That time pooja was going on.
On completing the pooja theertha, prasada was given to all. Afterwards sweets were distributed to all including our boss Pramod. 
 Finally all the festival mood was gone and every one started to work normally. That time Pramod came and asked Ajay "where is that thing which i handed over to you?". Suddenly all of us started to look upon Pramod as what he is telling. Ajay was showing in sign that he is not having anything. Pramod told " I gave you to keep it with you , but  you  have eaten that also?". 
Afterwards when pramod went we asked Ajay what has happened. The story was this, Pramod was going to have his sweet, but as to do namaskara he has handed over that sweet to our Ajay to keep it and has told that he will collect afterwards. Ajay has kept that sweet till sometime, afterwards he cant withstand not to eat and finally it was successfully swallowed.
After hearing this, our programmer's room was filled with heavy laugh.

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